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CIOC Approves Vetting Panel

Vetting team has finally been approved by the Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC). The committee has endorsed Marion Mutugi, Mwanyangela Ngali, Rosa Buyu, Ekuru Aukot, Isaac Lenaola, Irene Keino and Sophie Moturi as the persons who will vet the nine Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissioners (IEBC).
The committee made this head way with the implementation of the constitution ahead of the Friday deadline for the setting up of the team, in line with the revised July 18 effective date of the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission Bill. Parliament is expected to begin debate on these names and is likely approve the first selection panel made up of four women and three men tomorrow afternoon.
The IEBC commissioners are to be recruited by a team chosen by the President, the Prime Minister and independent organizations, so as to ensure they are of the right caliber, as well as to balance political interests. Parliament and the Executive have up to August 1 to have the panel constituted and formally appointed to begin constituting IEBC, which will succeed Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC).
The new IEBC team that will be recruited is expected to restore the credibility in elections that was lost in 2007, resulting in chaos around the country. The team is also responsible for the definition of the boundaries of the 80 new constituencies in addition to managing the elections.
The expected 2012 elections will be one of the biggest elections in the world. Kenyans will vote in six sets of representatives.

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