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Kenya's Morality Down the Drain?

By Phoebe
In recent times, witnessed events touching on the moral grounds of Kenyans, can well be termed as absurd and beyond comprehension! These have not been selective in whom they affect since they have been occurring in almost all the institutions in the society at large. The horror stories in our media are increasing at an astonishing and alarming rate. Some media houses have gone ahead to try and demystify what could be the cause of such behaviors in a society that has for a long time been defined as a ‘Christian society’.
Some of these immoralities include sexual perversion; rape cases of both infants and grown ups, sodomy and gay tendencies that have shamelessly flooded our society. Cases of corruption in our leaders and people we hoped to look up too, tribalism and inter-tribal clashes afflict our society. As if dying to fulfill prophesies in the Bible, there are wars and rumors of war all the time along our borders. At the moment Kenya faces threats from Ethiopia, Somali and Uganda, which are countries we’ve helped in different ways many times. The question that arises here is; do we let go of our land without fighting for it, just to be in good terms with the ‘neighbors?’ Marriage institutions have not been spared either. From what is aired in some of the radio stations to what is happening in the actual; a lot has been converted from abnormal to normal, and sadly accepted in the society. Many have been left either afraid of getting married or regretting for getting into the institution in the first place.
Alcoholism and drug addictions are rocking the lives of the young people who are unfortunately the targeted and affected majority. The government seems to be failing in its fight against this menace in this country, since the discovered cartels are said to be part of the very government hence the complications!
We may choose to blame all this on the biggest misfortune in our country… unemployment! This has resulted in the robbery cases heard daily and occupations that we would rather refer to as ‘proscribed’. It is said that history repeats itself especially when people do not learn from it. Human beings (Kenyans) have in this case proved that from the days of Sodom to now, the destruction did not quite shake the evil out of them. Rebellion and irresponsibility are what display their colors with major confidence here. Big Q, would you rather gain this world and its “pleasures” and lose your soul forever, or would u have it vise versa?? Think about it.

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