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Is This It?

By Mungai Kimani
The Vetting for the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and the Director of Public Prosecution has been carried out by the parliamentary committee. The process now solely lies in the hands of our parliamentarians who have the mandate to either vote the three nominees in or out. The question still lingering is, are we as a country ready to hand over these positions to the three nominees?
Qualified as they may be, there were issues raised that are grave to our society, issues that need not to be brushed aside or dismissed as unimportant.
The position of the Director of Public Prosecution and its nominee Mr. Tobiko is also an issue that needs more scrutiny .Claims of him demanding bribes and also information on how he had handled a few matters, highlights being the case against suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto and the Anglo Leasing matter, brings up the question; if we are really seeking Judicial reforms, is he the best candidate for the D.P.P position?
Are we that desperate that we have to settle on these three only? Aren’t there men and women out there who are equally if not more qualified and of unquestionable character and of integrity who can head these offices?
Food for thought!

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