East African Center For Law & Justice


Nyeri County Report

Young people especially those in their adolescent stage have not had opportunities for Civic education on their rights and guiding them through life issues. This is mainly because most political and civil society groups have majored on the youth who are over the age of 18 years, those who qualify to vote. This has left the majority of the young people who are not eligible to vote in the dark when it comes to information on their rights.

EACLJ has identified this gap and has set out programs to educate and motivate the young people especially those in high schools. The first session of its kind was held at Mukuruweine Boys High School on the 8th of October 2011 which hosted many other different schools that are in Nyeri County. EACLJ sent its lawyer for this session, and there were other different people who came to join in this noble venture; a doctor, pastor and gospel musicians were also in attendance.



Topics Discussed

The EACLJ lawyer sensitized them on the importance of obeying rules of the country and school administration even in their tender age and also outlined to them their rights as set out under the constitution Article 53 on the rights of children in relation to the children’s Act of 2001 and Article 55 on the rights of the youth. The session mainly majored on their rights to education, right of proper health care and their obligation as minors.

The Doctor taught the young people on health issues and sensitized them on the importance of hygiene and regular medical check up to have a long and healthy life in the coming years. He also touched on sexuality and especially on pre-marital sex and the dangers involved like HIV-Aids, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The pastor preached on the need of the young people to be people of integrity and unquestionable character so as to be able to provide solutions to our present problems in the country such as tribalism, corruption and hatred. The pastor prayed for the candidates who were supposed to do their national exams and also for the rest of the students who were continuing in their high school education.


The facilitators majored on encouraging the students on self confidence, proper planning and to have an inner drive as they face their exams. They were encouraged to be all round students who have the fear of God in their life. The students appreciated very much and requested for more interactions in the near future especially in the coming year of 2012 which the country is expected to hold its general elections.

The school authority thanked EACLJ for availing the motivation speakers and sought for more interactions to be able to mould the young people for a brighter and secure future for the nation.