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Mwala Mission Drive

The current rains being witnessed in the country have been causing floods in many different parts. This however has not changed the lack of food situation in some of these places which experienced drought earlier. They are the areas that over the years have received little or no rainfall at all especially during the planting seasons. It is in light of these that different organizations take part in helping the people who have food shortage. East Africa Center for Law and Justice (EACLJ) was honored to receive an invitation on 14th October 2011, to be part of food distribution activity in parts of Ukambani area in the Eastern province of Kenya.


Residents of Mbiuni and Mwala areas of Ukambani turned up in large numbers to receive food donation from ‘Grass-root Trust’, a Non Governmental Organization based in the United Kingdom. There have been many initiatives by the government and Non Governmental Organizations to provide people with food and water but these efforts have never and will never be enough to take care of the needs of the hungry people in the country. It is with this understanding that EACLJ took part in this noble project to touch the lives of the people of Ukambani.

EACLJ sent two of its staff to help with distribution of relief food in Mbiuni and Mwala areas of Ukambani region.The staff Mungai Kimani and Ken Mbaabu joined Mr. Hugo Anson, Bishop Jimmy Kimani and Information Secretary Ezekiel Mutua to help in the distribution of the same.  The NGO in collaboration with Deliverance Church Kasarani undertook the initiative to help alleviate hunger in the regions in response to an earlier appeal by government to well-wishers for the support. 

Speaking at the function, the Grass-root representative Mr. Hugo Anson said after following the situation in Kenya through the Media, they felt the need to help the hunger stricken Kenyans as the hope for a long lasting solution to the problem.


Information Secretary, Mr Ezekiel Mutua and Bishop Jimmy Kimani also reiterated that the government needed support of donors and well-wishers as the burden of managing the crisis had become overwhelming. They challenged the political leaders from Ukambani to unite for the sake of the community, so as to address a myriad of problems facing it which include the persistent drought and water shortage. The food comprising of maize, beans, maize floor and vegetable oil was worth over 1.8milion and was to be distributed to about 4500 families.

EACLJ lawyers spoke on the importance of people using the upcoming elections to elect leaders who will help alleviate the water problem by digging and constructing bore holes. These are important as they can do irrigation farming, to help in sustainability. They cautioned the electorate from being used only for people to get to power but demand for better living conditions for them as stipulated in the constitution.


Although drought can be termed a natural disaster, it can also be man-made and it raises serious issues that need people to address to ensure dignity and respectable life for all people even as politicians seek to provide infrastructure and good governance to the Kenyan people.

The speakers urged people to find other solutions to their problems not to wait for the government or well wishers who are not consistent with their donations. They were also advised to form small self-help groups.