Linda Uhai

'Linda Uhai' is Swahili for 'Protect Life'. This is a pro-life campaign which was initiated by the EACLJ, involving other like-minded organizations, aimed at advocating for the preservation of life from conception to natural end, as an inherent right of every human being. The EACLJ is a firm prolife campaigner as espoused in its mission and vision "Defend life, Freedom and Liberty for all"

The campaign is informed by the contentious issues around the Right to Life as enshrined in Article 26 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The article introduces circumstances under which abortion can be carried out. It is our utmost belief that life is a gift which begins at conception and should therefore end at naturally.

Linda Uhai's main aim is to protect the life of the unborn, through advocating against abortion. To this regard, the campaign has attracted a number of partners to aid in its quest, which include;

  • EACLJ which provides civic education to the members of the public and lobbies for government policies and legislation aimed at protecting life, with the purpose of raising awareness and promotion of citizen participation on issues of life.
  • KCPF (Kenya Christian Professionals Forum) an association of Christian Professionals from various denominations sharing common values on issues of family, life, religious freedom and social justice. It provides professional support and organizes forums aimed at influencing a supportive legal and social environment premised on biblical values, for this campaign.
  • PLMT (Protecting Life Movement Trust) an interdenominational and para-church organization that establishes rescue Kiotas for refuge, empowerment and transformation of women/girls in crisis pregnancy situations.
  • FNI Kenya (Family Network International) an association of parents and professionals from different walks of life who came together with one aim: to strengthen families through talks and seminars in order to build a better society. It organizes forums for the empowerment of parents on the Linda Uhai Campaign.
  • HLI Kenya (Human Life International) a non-profit association dedicated to protection, defense and promotion of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. It provides guidance and counseling to women/girls on pro-life values and abstinence through its affiliate; Abstinence Kenya and Caritas.
  • WYA (World Youth Alliance) an affiliate of the United Nations committed to building free and just societies. It is obligated to working with young people to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of the person.

Since the inception of the Linda Uhai Campaign in 2012, there have been numerous symposiums, conferences and forums aimed at strengthening the prolife campaign. Developments have also been observed on the legal front with some issues related to abortion being adjudicated in court.
It is the hope of all partners that the Linda Uhai Campaign will expand its reach to ensure the protection and promotion of life in the society; in that all life is considered sacred and thus preserved at all times.

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