Civic Education

Civic Education is the sensitisation of the population on the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship. The citizens get to know about their rights and duties; duties to each other, and duties to the country. It includes knowledge of the laws, the Constitution and the government’s role.

The EACLJ has over the years conducted Civil Education across the country. The EACLJ has worked with other like minded organisations. These organisations include the KCPF (Kenya Christian Professionals Forum), the SGF (Samburu Girls Foundation) and the KNCHR (Kenya National Commission on Human Rights).

The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum is an association of Christian Professionals from various denominations who share the same common values on issues of family, life, religious freedom and social justice. The KCPF provides special support and organises forums aimed at influencing a supportive legal and social environment premised on Biblical Values. The EACLJ mainly partners with the KCPF in the Linda Uhai Pro Life Campaign in conducting numerous conferences and forums aimed at strengthening the pro-life campaign.

The EACLJ conducts Civil Education Forums in and for Churches in Kenya on matters to do with the Constitution and Laws relating to religion, life and family. The Samburu Girls Foundation is a non profit organisation founded by Dr. Josephine Kulea. Their focus is on helping the girl child by rescuing them from child marriage, beading and FGM. The EACLJ has partnered with the SGF to conduct civil education programs on these issues (child marriage, beading and FGM)

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is a human rights institution established through the Kenyan Constitution. It is guided by the United Nations approved Paris Principles. The EACLJ partners with the KNCHR in conducting the Complaints Referral Forum. This forum brings the Government, Intergovernmental and Non Governmental Organisations together to hear cases and complaints from Members of the Public on Human Rights issues. The locals are also educated on their rights and responsibilities during these meetings. The Ngaaie Legal Aid Forum and the Lamu Legal Aid Forum are two examples of this partnership.

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