Kenyans are overwhelmingly Pro-Life and Heterosexual, study shows.

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A significant proportion of Kenyans favour the nurturing of the Unborn Child and favour heterosexual over homosexual practices; this is according to a study conducted by Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) in partnership with Ipsos Kenya. The study: 'Perceptions towards Abortion and Homosexuality in Kenya' revealed that, 87% stated that they do not support terminating life of the unborn under any circumstances, while another 11.15% stated that it is sometimes tolerable if the Mother's Life is in danger. An abortion performed to save a mother's life and done when there is a clear medical reason is legal and in keeping with the practice of medicine in Kenya today. Only 2.85% stated they support abortion on Demand i.e. without a grave medical reason. It is important to point out that abortion on demand or without a grave medical reason is illegal in Kenya. The study sampled participants from both rural and urban set ups in a proportionate way to reflect the population distribution as per the most recent census of Kenya done in 2009. The age and sex of respondents also followed the same pattern.

Private Clinics Leading Suppliers of Induced Abortion

While 80 % of those interviewed said they were not aware of anybody in their neighbourhood who had procured an abortion, 17% said they knew a person in their neighbourhood who had procured an abortion with majority (40%) citing private clinics as a place where abortions can be procured. 20% said they knew abortions could be procured in peoples' homes. The statistics point to the fact that majority of the illegal abortions on demand i.e. abortions performed without a medical reason, are performed in private clinics as opposed to the back streets.

Homosexuality not a common practice among Kenyans

Across the country 93 % of Kenyans interviewed said they did not know anyone in their community or neighbourhood who engage in homosexual behaviours or practices. On average 5% said they did know of homosexual couples; Coast region and Western had a higher responses at 13% & 8% respectively. In The capital city of Nairobi 6 % of those interviewed said they knew of people who engage in homosexual behaviour.

Homosexuality at Institutions

Colleges and places of learning in Nairobi and Western present a deviation from the average cultural norm with 10% and 7 % of respondents respectively mentioning they knew of someone who engage in homosexual behaviour in their college. The national average for colleges was 3 %. In places of work, on average, only 2% of respondents knew of colleagues who engage in homosexual behaviour while only 6% of employed people in urban areas knew of colleagues with homosexual practices.

The Verdict on Homosexuality by Kenyans

83% of those interviewed in the study were of the opinion that those with homosexual tendencies are not born that way with 64 % attributing it as a learned behaviour. Most (78%) felt that homosexuality should not be legalized and a significant number (68%) were of the opinion that those who openly speak of their homosexual acts should be prosecuted.

Survey Methodology

The target population for this survey was Kenyans aged 18 years and above. The sample size was 2,059 respondents living in urban and rural areas. The margin-of-error attributed to sampling and other random effects of this poll's sample size is +/- 2.2 with a 95% confidence level. The fieldwork for this survey was conducted between 28th April and 7th May 2014. Data was collected through face to face interviews using hand held devices (smart phones). Ipsos Kenya Limited funded the survey.

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