Persecution in Sudan: Save Meriam

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Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is a Sudanese mother and doctor, who has been sentenced to death because of her choice of religion. She is a Christian and is married to a Christian man from South Sudan who is also an American citizen by naturalization. The government of Sudan considers her to have committed apostasy since her father was Muslim, which naturally (according to them) would mean that she is also Muslim and is therefore not expected to convert to any other religion.
She was given three days to recant her faith or face death; but she refused, stating clearly that she has never been Muslim. Meriam is now in prison, eight months pregnant and with her twenty-month old son. A Court in Khartoum has ruled that she will receive one hundred lashes after giving birth and nursing her baby, for committing adultery with her Christian husband, and then she will later be hanged to death. Her children will be the property of the government after her death.
Sudan is a predominantly Muslim country and according to research, Sudan's Foreign Missionary Society Act of 1962 put a limit on the number of churches constructed. It is considered one of the most dangerous countries for Christians to live in, as they are exposed to threats and torture like what Meriam is going through right now.
According to The Sudanese Organization for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms; the verdict by the Sudan government contradicts the Sudanese Constitution, as well as violates International treaties ratified by Sudan. The organization has condemned the death sentence against Meriam Yahya by a court in Khartoum.


We are calling on the world (and especially the East Africa Community-EAC and all members of the African Union-AU) to petition President Bashir to ensure that all charges against Meriam are dropped and that she be allowed to go free with her son to join her husband.
Meriam is entitled to choose her own religion and should therefore be allowed to practice her Christianity.
The government of Sudan should be compelled to adhere to the international laws on Human Rights by respecting the right and freedom of religion.